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WealthManagement EDGE Podcast

WealthManagement EDGE Podcast: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI with Cory McCruden

Ernst & Young’s Cory McCruden shares how generative AI is revolutionizing the financial advisory industry.

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In this episode of the WealthManagement EDGE Podcast, Informa Wealth Management’s Nabia Jenkins-Johnston talks with Cory McCruden, managing director of wealth and asset management at Ernst & Young, about the transformative potential of generative AI. From content creation to real-time insights for advisors, Gen AI is reshaping the financial landscape and it has become crucial for advisory firms to keep up with changing technology.

Specifically, Nabia and Cory discuss:

  • How content generation is revolutionizing the way advisors create custom, compliant content.
  • What real-time, personalized data means for effective cross-selling opportunities.
  • The ability to access unique, compliant images that reflect your brand.
  • How Gen AI can serve as a co-pilot for advisors, offering timely and relevant information.


Connect With Nabia Jenkins-Johnston:

Connect With Cory McCruden

About Our Guest:

Cory is responsible for sales, marketing and distribution wealth management services at Ernst & Young LLP and is a thought leader and strategic advisor to CEOs and boards. With more than 20 years of industry experience, she is known for her innovation and unique takes on exponential growth strategies, digital marketing and technology. She focuses on next best action campaigns, sales force transformation, digital assets and product development, marketing technology and CRM systems.

Cory has worked in venture capital and was a Yale Ventures Entrepreneur-in-Residence, where she built and advised fintechs and data firms, from startup to multibillion-dollar valuations.

Cory has two master’s degrees from Yale University and has passed the Series 7 exam, CFA Level I and II exams, CAIA Level I exam and the Canadian securities exam. She is based in New York City.


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