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WealthManagement EDGE Podcast

Wealth Management EDGE Podcast: LPL Financial’s Marc Cohen on Unlocking Growth in Wealth Management

A discussion about mergers and acquisitions and how effective technology and workflow management will drive a new wave of growth in the advice industry. 

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What will be the winning strategies behind growth and success in the future of wealth management? 

In this episode of the Wealth Management Edge podcast, Mark Bruno, managing director of the Wealth Management Group at Informa, talks with Marc Cohen, executive vice president at LPL Financial, about the future of wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, and how effective technology and workflow management will drive a new wave of growth in the advice industry. 

Specifically, Mark and Marc discuss:

  • How specific technology utilization, time management and diverse team collaboration can create capacity and leverage to add more clients.
  • How M&A is evolving and how acqui-hires and minority investments will continue to drive growth.
  • Investing in infrastructure to ensure consistent and high-quality financial advisory services.
  • Tuck-in activity among advisors as an alternative to starting new firms.


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About Our Guest:

Marc Cohen is the executive vice president of Strategy for LPL Financial. He is responsible for leading the development of creative and innovative ways for LPL to partner with advisors to ensure that each clients’ needs are met with a unique lens and advanced capabilities, tools, and solutions that allow them to thrive. 

Prior to joining LPL, Mr. Cohen was with MarketCounsel for more than a decade. While there, he helped entrepreneurial investment advisors build, manage, and expand their businesses. From serving as an architect behind many of the highest-profile breakaway deals in the industry, to supporting their journey as business owners through strategy development, evolving operational and compliance requirements, succession planning, and exit strategies, Mr. Cohen has helped successful advisors become successful entrepreneurs. 

Mr. Cohen earned a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


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