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Kristi Rodriquez on How to Create Action Around Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Kristi Rodriguez of Nationwide Retirement Institute examines the power of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Kristi Rodriguez, SVP, Nationwide Retirement Institute—Nationwide, joins Matt Ackermann, Integrated Partners, examines the power of diversity equity and inclusion, how to create action around it and the impact of implementing diversity equity and inclusion into firms.

In her current role, Rodriguez leads the teams responsible for advocating for and educating members, partners and industry leaders on issues impacting their ability to have a secure financial future. She oversees an extensive network of knowledgeable professionals who provide hands-on consultation to develop client strategies and address the major concerns America’s workers face when planning for retirement. Before joining Nationwide in 2015, Rodriguez held leadership roles at Aetna and UnitedHealth Group. Rodriguez additionally, led a business development team working with the public sector, labor and trust and national accounts as liaison to their sales organization.


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