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Jim Dickson on How to Grow a Firm Quickly and Effectively

Jim Dickson, founder and CEO of Sanctuary Wealth, shares the secret behind the exponential growth of his firm.


Jim Dickson, founder and CEO of Sanctuary Wealth, joins Matt Ackermann, chief content officer, Integrated Partners, to explore the exponential growth of Sanctuary Wealth, how to make advisors feel less alone and the key steps to succeed with M&A.

Dickson led the founding, development and launch of Sanctuary Wealth as an innovative, partnered independence network for advisors. He spent 20-plus years in numerous senior leadership roles at Merrill Lynch. Reporting directly to the CEO, Dickson spent the last six years as a divisional executive and member of the firm’s executive committee. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, he was actively involved in spearheading Bank of America’s leadership development program and helped inspire and train the next generation of the firm’s managers. Having begun his career at Ernst & Young, Dickson has gained a distinctive perspective and valuable experience in developing and optimizing organizations of all sizes. Known throughout the financial services industry for his thought leadership, he is an active and highly sought-after speaker, recognized for his insights on delivering growth in the wealth management space.

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