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WealthTech Winners Circle Podcast: How Innovative Technology Helps Financial Advisors

Orion Advisor Tech's Eric Clarke and Kelly Waltrich explain how emerging financial platforms help their firm.



Most of us have access to online banking, which allows us to freely keep track of all of our financial information. But what about having online access to the different things we plan with our financial advisors? 

Mentioning that in these times, it's crucial to have an interactive client portal with different portfolio and planning information, Tim Welsh, president of Nexus Strategy and consultant to the Industry Awards, is joined by Eric Clarke and Kelly Waltrich, both from Orion Advisor Tech, and together they explain how the emerging financial platforms help their firm.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Astros: A software that allows customers to check their portfolios from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Slack: The tool that allows social connection in these times of social distancing 
  • The role of existing online platforms in easing and facilitating workload
  • Automation and robots for communication and marketing purposes: Why they could never replace real advisors
  • And more!

Join Eric and Kelly to know how technology is efficiently helping financial advisors. 


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