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The WealthStack Podcast

The WealthStack Podcast: Keeping Tech Simple as a Virtual Advisor

Derek Notman, the founder of Couplr and Conneqtor, shares his future wealthtech outlook.

After spending years in a suit and tie and feeling held back by technology within the broker/dealer world, Derek Notman made the decision to take his practice completely virtual. While that was back in 2013, he has since designed a tech stack that satisfies the needs not only for his business, but one that his clients enjoy using as well.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Derek, who is also the founder of Couplr, Conneqtor, and host of Rethink—The Financial Advisor Podcast, on his future wealthtech outlook.

Shannon and Derek discuss: 

  • How he approached building his own tech stack 
  • Why he is on a mission to fix money
  • What to future holds for Couplr and Conneqtor (and where AI fits in)
  • Why the power of personal branding is critical for growth

Connect with Shannon Rosic:

Connect with Guest:

About Our Guest:

Derek entered the financial services industry in 2006 and experienced a high level of success early on which he attributed to the philosophy of “do what is right for my clients and eventually I will get paid.” After 3 years, he started his own firm.

In 2013, he made the decision to transition his practice to a virtual model. Derek did this to best serve his unique clientele while also ensuring a great life-work balance for him to spend more time pursuing his passions and enjoying more of life’s moments with his wife and son. He is no longer taking on new clients other than direct referral for his RIA.

Knowing the financial industry & profession as both an advisor & fintech founder has given him a unique perspective on how to address and tackle some large problems which he is laser focused on via his four dimensions with:

  • Couplr
  • Conneqtor
  • Rethink FA Podcast
  • Intrepid Wealth Partners


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