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Twenty Over Ten Announces Riskalyze Integration

Segment clients by risk metric and create a marketing campaign specifically for them? Say no more, say Twenty Over Ten and Riskalyze.

Different clients have different tolerances for risk and should be marketed to differently. That’s the concept behind an integration between content-based marketing firm Twenty Over Ten and risk metrics software provider Riskalyze. Advisors using Lead Pilot, Twenty Over Ten's new marketing and lead-gen tool, will be able to deliver content to clients and prospects based on those groups’ predetermined risk tolerance scores, according to an announcement.

After an advisor activates the integration, data flows between both tools, updating contact information in Riskalyze and Lead Pilot. In Lead Pilot, the Riskalyze-provided risk number will appear alongside the Lead Pilot score and profile information. 

“Having that risk score allows you to segment by the risk number,” said Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten. Advisors can then build out their own marketing campaigns for leads with lower, higher or middle-ground risk numbers, she added.

Lead Pilot launched at the T3 Advisor Conference earlier this month.

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