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Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia presenting at the Nitrogen Fearless Investing Summit

Snappy Kraken Unveils Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign

The new marketing campaign uses Nitrogen’s “Risk Numbers” to help advisors drive traffic to its “Risk Assessment Questionnaire” and capture leads.

Marketing technology firm Snappy Kraken unveiled its new Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign at the Fearless Investing Summit in Miami, Fla.

Snappy Kraken’s relationship with Nitrogen, formerly known as Riskalyze, dates back to the 2018 edition of the Fearless Investing Summit.

Since Riskalyze was founded in 2011, more than five million “Risk Numbers”—a measurement of both an investor’s risk tolerance and risk in a portfolio—have been delivered to clients.

The new campaign uses these “Risk Numbers” to help advisors drive traffic to its “Risk Assessment Questionnaire” and capture leads through a multi-stage, automated marketing program, according to the company.

Nitrogen CEO Aaron Klein, Nitrogen said this Snappy Kraken “nurturing campaign” was mainly focused on the final step of funneling leads through a process where they were ready to schedule a meeting.

“It’s a very symbiotic thing,” said Klein. “You’ve got to have your marketing automation to drive that nurturing of leads.”

Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia said the goal for advisors should be to grow an audience they can start conversations with, win them as clients and then create lifelong fans who will generate referrals.

“There is no such thing as a silver bullet,” he said. “Sometimes, though, in marketing, when you add in automation and triggers and sequences with good content and proper timing you can move a prospect faster through the relationship.”

Sofia said Nitrogen’s “Risk Numbers” were an excellent way to do just that.

“The quicker they realize they have a deficiency (where) they’re taking more risks than they’re comfortable with, the faster they’re going to want to talk to you about the solutions,” he said.

The campaign includes a website widget and landing page for lead capture; an explainer video about what a “Risk Number” is; automated follow-up emails; advisor notifications with immediate alerts for new opt-ins; a series of promotional emails and social media posts; and AI-enabled copywriting and image creation.

The AI piece follows the August launch of Snappy Kraken’s AI-powered, drag-and-drop email builder, which is now generally available to the company's users. The feature seeks to help advisors generate images, headlines and text to drive conversations. The email builder uses an API integration from OpenAI, the creator of text-based chatbot ChatGPT and image generator DALL-E.

Since Snappy Kraken’s inception in 2016, it has sent more than 100 million emails on behalf of advisors, according to the company. In May 2022, Snappy Kraken acquired Advisor Websites, which gave the firm tools to brand and build websites for advisor clients. A year later, the company unveiled a new "unified system" that integrates all three of its current pillars—websites, marketing automation and text message marketing—into one unified tool and single sign-on.

In March, Snappy Kraken laid off some employees as part of the integration with Advisor Websites, which roughly doubled the size of its workforce. Sofia would not say how many people were let go, but that there were some redundancies in roles and responsibilities. In July, Snappy Kraken announced a partnership with Idea Decanter, which allows advisors to personalize and record videos using provided scripts.

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