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Smarsh Announces Zoom Support

Smarsh announced comprehensive capture and archive support for Zoom chat, voice and video recordings.

Compliance technology vendor Smarsh announced comprehensive support for the capture and archiving of Zoom’s communications services.

Zoom video chatting use exploded at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely because it was free for individuals and was easy to use. These factors made the service of interest to many financial advisors as well. Many, however, resisted using it for lack of an appropriate recording or archiving solution to keep them in compliance with SEC and FINRA rules (as well as security concerns due to “Zoom bombing” early on).

Smarsh now provides capture and archiving support for Zoom meetings, Zoom rooms, Zoom phone, and both in-meeting and out-of-meeting chat. There is comprehensive transcription support for audio content that includes 120 languages and regional dialects, according to the firm.

As content is recorded, processed and stored to a customer advisory firm’s Smarsh Connected Archive, it is also indexed. This makes it ready for a compliance officer or auditor’s review for supervision or discovery efforts. In addition, customers can search transcripts and recording metadata and play back Zoom audio (as well as all their other voice- and text-based content) stored within their archive.

Smarsh announced its acquisition of cybersecurity tech vendor Entreda in May.

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