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Schwab Enables Google Voice Tech for Some Account Inquiries

'Hey, Google, check my Charles Schwab portfolio?'

Clients of Charles Schwab's retail business can get certain Schwab account and portfolio updates through their Google Assistant account. The San Francisco-headquartered brokerage announced its newest integration feature, Schwab Action on Google, Tuesday.

Clients who configure the feature can prompt Google’s voice-enabled technology named Google Assistant to provide the most current updates of their portfolio performance, account information, the trade price or volume of specific stocks in a portfolio on a number of different hardware platforms running Android or iOS operating systems. The integration does not currently enable brokerage transactions, however. While it is available to any individual investor with a Schwab account, a Schwab spokesperson said there is no RIA-specific version at this time.

Requests such as “Hey, Google, check my Charles Schwab portfolio” or “Hey, Google, how are my Schwab retirement accounts doing?” give clients access to account information in real time, according to the company’s release.

They will need a device with a Google Assistant function or app, which is available on most smart phones (Android and iOS) and some smart speakers and displays, such as Google Nest.

“Consumers today expect the brands they do business with to be available whenever and wherever needed, and how they invest should be no different,” said Schwab Digital Services Senior Vice President Zack Gipson.

To configure the Schwab Action on Google, clients will need to go to the “Finance” section of their Google account and follow the on-screen prompts. Clients will need information related to their Schwab accounts to link the ones they would like to monitor through Google Assistant.

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