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Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin Photo by Samuel Steinberger
Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin

Redtail Completes Orion Integration, Adds Data 'Safeguards'

The CRM provider completed an integration previously in beta and is improving its data security following a breach earlier this year.

Orion Advisor Services and Redtail Technology has completed and made available Monday its two-way synchronization of contact data between linked households, according to a tweet by the Female Advisor Network. Both the CRM provider and Orion Advisor Services acknowledged the rollout in separate email responses. The integration improvements were in closed beta earlier this summer but are now available to all advisors using the feature. 

Through a spokesperson and in response to questions about data security, Redtail noted that for the first time since its March 4 data breach it is making changes to how it secures sensitive data in its possession. The exact changes weren't specified, but the firm said it has been “introducing additional safeguards to ensure our customers’ data is safe and secure" this calendar year. Orion declined to comment on the data security of Redtail and how it might affect the portfolio management provider’s integration with the advisor-focused CRM provider. 

The firms originally hoped to have the integration available to the broader market by the end of last month. Prior to the completion of this latest integration, contact record updates flowed from Orion to Redtail, but not the other way around. 

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