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FTJ FundChoice CEO Dean Cook
FTJ FundChoice CEO Dean Cook

Orion Gets Closer to Its TAMP Purchase

Orion announces an expansion related to its purchase of FTJ FundChoice, a $10 billion AUM TAMP purchased earlier this year.

Orion’s parent company, NorthStar Financial, is bringing it’s TAMP acquisition, FTJ FundChoice, further into the fold, it announced today. The expansion, called Orion Enterprise, includes FTJ’s proprietary multi-strategy investment process, Market Movement Strategies.

Separate from Orion’s portfolio management tools, the Enterprise offering includes access to FTJ’s list of third-party investment strategies and due diligence workflow, the company noted.

“Advisors crave control,” said Dean Cook, CEO of FTJ FundChoice. “As more mid-size and regional broker/dealers look to begin the transition to fee-based business models, providing a seamless experience that pairs Orion’s powerful trading and back-office technology with our open-architecture TAMP and oversight architecture, lowers the barrier to entry.”

Firm executives and home office staff will also have the ability to configure platform options and permissions, as well as managing available templates and models.

“Through this process of consultative customization, we help each firm implement best practices customized to enhance their unique value proposition,” said Eric Clarke, founder and CEO of Orion. As part of its consultative approach, Enterprise users will also have access to onsite and virtual ongoing education and practice management resources built by a specialist team to ensure “consistent and reliable implementation.”

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