NorthStar Combines Video Marketing, Printing Divisions

NorthStar Combines Video Marketing, Printing Divisions

Omaha, Neb.-based Blu Giant Advisor Studios, a creative marketing services provider, is combining services with Arizona-based printing company Gemcom. Previously, the two operated as separate divisions of NorthStar Financial Services Group; the combined entity will now operate as Blu Giant, LLC, with Joseph Miola serving as president and Brett Clarke serving as CEO.

The move allows Blu Giant to streamline its pricing and provide marketing services from the beginning, with the conception of an idea, to end, when a design is either printed or goes online, with an advisor’s website, Clarke said.

Previously the process was disconnected, Clarke said; Blu Giant would design a website, brand, or other marketing material, then refer the client to Gemcom for printing, which had to bid on the business. Sending them to Miola wasn’t any different than sending them to any other print shop.

Now, the company can better control costs and package services for clients.

Gemcom provided EDGAR filing services and acted as a full service printing company. With mostly RIA clients, Miola hopes the move will expand the printing business to public companies, which need marketing services as well.

Blu Giant Advisor Studios started as an in-house creative function of NorthStar, and became a separate division in 2012, led by Clarke. It is one pillar in a constellation of companies at NorthStar, built in large part by the Clarke family, which we profiled this month. 

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