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LPL Launches Client Goals, A New Integrated Financial Planning Tool

The goals-based planning application is built on core technology from Fiserv that has been highly customized.

LPL today announced the launch of a new application and set of features built into its ClientWorks platform called Client Goals. This new goals-based tool is meant for advisors to use in creating personalized reports for clients and prospects. The new application is available at no extra cost and all LPL advisors now have access to it.

“With Client Goals, advisors are able to serve their clients more meaningfully with tailored actions that work toward a personal goal,” said Burt White, managing director, Investor and Investment Solutions, in a prepared statement.

The core of the solution utilizes technology from Fiserv, called Financial Advice Management, which was introduced at the T3 conference in October 2018. On top of this, LPL built a highly customized set of features specifically for its advisors, which included enhancing workflows and connectivity throughout ClientWorks, allowing advisors to execute single goal, multi-goal and comprehensive planning.

“For ClientWorks, Fiserv has provided technology to empower financial advisors with financial planning capabilities, delivered through Fiserv APIs while allowing LPL to control their user experience,” wrote Igor Jonjic, Senior Product Manager at Fiserv, in an email.

Client Goals is the latest enhancement to ClientWorks Connected, LPL’s fully integrated platform for advisors. In late January, LPL began providing access to a new proposal generation tool, powered by AdvisoryWorld, which the firm acquired in December.

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