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LifeYield’s Social Security Tool Added to TAMP

Tax-smart Social Security guidance makes its way onto EQIS Capital Management’s TAMP for advisors.

/EQIS Capital Management, a fee-based turnkey asset management platform, has added tax-awareness software provider LifeYield’s Social Security Advantage feature, according to LifeYield. The tool helps advisors to guide clients’ Social Security benefit decisions, providing interactive scenarios and personalized recommendations. The TAMP supported by EQIS is used by more than 2,100 advisors, according to the company.

Social Security Advantage already has more than 50,000 users and EQIS expects that uptake will be swift following the announcement of the partnership. “Social Security is one of the biggest concerns investors have as they prepare to retire,” said Joseph F. Hunter, president and CEO of EQIS. “We’ve ensured our advisors have access to leading software in the space, and can provide multi-faceted retirement planning strategies.”

Social Security has become a major source of retirement income, including for many high-net-worth individuals.


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