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Hype or Not

Hype or Not? Episode 5: Alternative Investments

Senior Tech Editor Davis Janowski and industry consultant Tim Welsh debate the impact of an influx of alternative investment platforms in the advisor space.


Alternative investments has been a super buzzy sector of the wealth management industry for years now, but of late we are seeing both investment in and consolidation of the technology providers that would seek to power alts like never before.

In May, alternative investing platform iCapital announced it would acquire competing platform Goldman spinoff SIMON Markets to put one step closer to making the platform a one-stop alts shop. SIMON itself had announced a major partnership with +Subscribe in November 2021 and just a few months prior had raised $100 million in additional funding. iCapital also had a big 2021, having raised $400 million in capital. In January, competitor CAIS too announced it had raised $225 million in funding and had joined the alts unicorn club with iCapital. Amidst this landscape are sprinkled many additional startups vying for integration or acquisition.

What does it all mean? Who will win this debate? Tune in to find out.

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