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Highlights from the Executive Forum: Advisor Tech in the Year 2020 Roundtable

Executives from technology vendors and wealth management firms discuss the future of the industry.

Technology is forcing change on all aspects of life, and the financial services industry is no exception. Clients increasingly demand a digital experience with their advisor that is up to par with what they get from the retail, travel and entertainment industries. At the same time, new challenges from digital startups and an evolving regulatory landscape are pressuring advisors to adapt new technology into their practices. 

With the pace of change not likely to slow down, what will this technology look like in 2020? Will we view our portfolio on our watches? Is big data going to make as big of an impact as some people claim? And what about cybersecurity under the growing specter of big-name hacks like Equifax? 

We assembled some of the top executives from major technology vendors, custodians and registered investment advisors to discuss these issues and more at the the 2017 Wealth Executive Forum. 

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