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HiddenLevers Drops Fees for New Users

Following historic market movements, scenario-analysis tool HiddenLevers announced free trials for new users.

Risk analysis and scenario measurement tool HiddenLevers is announcing a free 30-day trial for new users, following a special “War Room” scenario analysis call on Thursday evening. On a day when the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst trading session since 1987, the HiddenLevers’ founders decided to make its tool available to the larger advisor community.

“Consider it an open house,” said co-founder Raj Udeshi, on the call. The decision to offer the free access was made just two hours before the call. “It was a crazy idea for crazy times. I think all my fellow industry people can use it.”

The scenario analysis tool typically holds regular “War Room” calls with its users, where various market-affecting scenarios are discussed. It also presents “good, baseline and ugly” outcome scenarios. It currently counts over 10,000 users, said Udeshi. HiddenLevers surpassed $500 billion in platform assets last fall.

It’s most recent analysis call was just two weeks ago, but today's market news called for a special session, he said. In a sign of how quickly the new coronavirus has changed the global investing landscape, he said the January session’s “ugly” coronavirus pandemic scenario had already evolved to baseline by Thursday’s call.

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