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eMoney Teams Up With Allianz Life

The financial planning software developer is forming a strategic partnership with the annuities and life insurance firm.

It’s not just financial planners who have access to eMoney Advisor. Allianz Life is entering a strategic partnership with the financial planning software developer that will see more than 50 new Allianz Life representatives “demonstrate the value of annuities through a planning lens,” according to eMoney.

In announcing the partnership, Allianz Life representatives get access to eMoney Premier, the firm’s top-level planning product.

“Our goal is to help more firms adopt planning—that includes modeling how different asset classes, inclusive of insurance and annuities, can contribute to a client’s financial outcome,” said Leslie Knotts, head of relationship management at eMoney. “eMoney’s platform remains product agnostic.”

While specific annuity products offered by individual financial institutions aren’t modeled, users can model the anticipated amount of guaranteed income the annuity could produce, noted Knotts. “In most cases, users model the most important aspect of an annuity (the guaranteed income it will generate) and incorporate it into a client’s financial plan.” The partnership will also see eMoney and Allianz Life creating custom content and jointly hosting live webinars.

eMoney has been growing capabilities for clients in its other products as well, adding a life insurance module last August to its more pared back service, called Foundational Planning, and revealing last week that its Project Avocado app is in its pilot phase.

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