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What's In My Wealthstack
What's in my wealthstack Jeff Casey CG Financial Advisors
Jeff Casey

CG Financial Services: Taking A Holistic Approach With Clients

Jeff Casey, president and senior financial advisor at CG Financial Services, uses integrations of various programs to achieve efficiency for the $3.1 billion AUM firm.

I’m one of the organization’s founding partners, which we started in 1999. I’ve moved up and carried every role in the firm throughout the years. I’ve worked with clients as an advisor. I still do work with some of our higher-level clients. I’m now acting as president, working more strategically to help more clients and determine how we execute those services.

CRM: Salesforce With SS&C | Salentica Overlay

We’ve tried to leverage integrations to be somewhat CRM agnostic with the larger providers like Salesforce and Redtail. We want integrations to standardize workflows and assist across multiple technologies. That’s been good for us. CRM is the format in which our day-to-day employees live.

what's in my wealthstackWe’ve been through several before. Junxure was one from some time ago. We’ve been on Salesforce for quite some time. Salesforce can be as straightforward or complex as you want it to be. Sometimes, we overcomplicate some of what can be done. What we’ve learned over time is simple is better. That is why we implemented the Salentica overlay. It’s also enterprise-level. It’s not one you grow out of. It’s adaptable as you move forward. It gives you the flexibility to integrate as you grow.

Document Management: Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Outlook

We’ve implemented a data lake through Amazon Web Services, which allows us to control the internal data. As technology advances and new innovations come along, we have better control. Most of the visuals are in our CRM. You’re able to see our document storage right in Salesforce. Most of our document collaborations are completed in Outlook in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Ultimately, they move into our document management system, where things are archived, saved and organized so that they’re easily found for all our employees.

Reporting & Portfolio Management; Trading & Rebalancing: Orion Advisor Solutions, Orion Eclipse

That’s new to us in the last three years. We were on Envestnet | Tamarac before that and we moved to the Orion system. We felt it better fit our service model. We work with multiple custodians. We’ve been working with those custodians to integrate some of our software. Because we’re multi-custodial, Orion is very beneficial in executing trading and reporting across multiple systems. A lot of our advisors use what I classify as bucket-based strategies, where you can sleeve accounts to meet clients’ needs at specific points in their life cycle. Orion was moving in that direction from a reporting perspective. It’s been a good experience for us.

Financial Planning: MoneyGuidePro / Orion Planning / FP Alpha

Jeff Casey What's in My Wealthstack CG Financial ServicesWe take a holistic approach with clients. We’ve used multiple systems throughout the years, including MoneyGuidePro. We also have Orion Planning now. However, we have also found that not all the systems have precisely what we need in the deliverables we provide to clients.

We’ve integrated a few different systems. FP Alpha provides risk management, tax planning, and estate planning tools. We’ve integrated that software with our data lake and CRM for automation. It also has some AI reading capabilities to help summarize text. We achieve efficiency in how that data comes into that system, gets organized, reports it back and visualizes it with our clients.

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all delivery that we provide our clients. We’ve tried to integrate a few of these tools based on the client engagements that we service and take that holistic approach. Those systems can provide a visible format. We can draw from our data lake and CRM to populate those automatedly. We generate the deliverables that our clients are looking for.


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