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App Review: Moven The Needle

App Review: Moven The Needle

Sure, you know how to keep track of your finances. But your clients? How about a tool that tells them if lunch at Chipotle is going to break the budget—right when they pay. Sure, there are apps that keep track of spending. But Moven ( is a little different. First, it’s a debit account—FDIC insured no less—and works on Android-powered smart watches. Funds are added to Moven’s account, allowing you to pay directly from your mobile device—Android or iOS. There are no fees for adding money, and no charges when buying with the app. If spending gets excessive, the app turns red. It's green if you’re still in line with your budget. A tool that halts clients, literally, at the check out line? Moven may be the app that finally untethers them from their daily mochaccino habit.

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