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Advisor Innovations

Advisor Innovations: Gavin Spitzner on What Advisors Get Wrong About Technology

Gavin Spitzner, president of Wealth Consulting Partners, details the many ways in which financial technology is growing, even as advisors and wealth managers are underutilizing the tools available to them. 


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Clients aren’t leaving their financial advisors because of portfolio performance issues. They leave because of communication and service issues. The client experience counts far more than the returns. 

In this episode, David Armstrong talks with Gavin Spitzner, president of Wealth Consulting Partners, about what many advisors fail to grasp about technology and the client experience. They also discuss what advisors can do to ensure they aren’t underutilizing the strategies and technology available to them. 

David and Gavin discuss:

  • How most advisors are underutilizing the technology they have;
  • How the long-term bull market in equities has made many advisors complacent and masks problems around organic growth and client expectations;
  • Why advisors should expect companies like Amazon or Apple to enter the wealth management industry, and how to prepare; and
  • When every aspect of wealth planning is built around algorithms, what’s left for the human advisor?

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