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RIA Edge Podcast

RIA Edge Podcast: Megan Carpenter’s Playbook for RIAs to Drive Meaningful Growth

FiComm founder and CEO Megan Carpenter details what firms that have seen the most growth are doing correctly, and what they're doing differently.

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While markets may be in bear territory, it’s a bull market for financial advice—as more individuals need access to professional advice than ever before. 

How can RIAs effectively take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity to acquire new clients and deepen relationships with existing clients? Megan Carpenter, the CEO and founder of FiComm – and one of the top marketing minds in the wealth management industry—dropped by the RIA Edge podcast to share stats, best practices and an RIA playbook for putting a strategic marketing plan in place. 

In the episode of RIA Edge, Megan and host Mark Bruno discuss:

  • The mindset of RIAs that are having the most success creating meaningful organic growth—and how leaders of these firms make sure this trickles down to all of their employees
  • There have been a number of firms that have experimented with digital marketing over the last several years. The firms that have seen the most growth, what are they doing correctly? More specifically, among the firms that are experimenting and having success, what are they doing differently?
  • Benchmarks for healthy organic growth rates, as well as how much should RIAs be investing in marketing
  • Marketing is still a new frontier for many leaders of wealth management firms. What are some good resources for advisors who want to become more educated about all of the options and innovations available to accelerate their marketing?


 RIA Edge Podcast

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BUILD IN A BEAR MARKET. Gain C-Suite strategies to accelerate your firm’s growth in a bull market at RIA Edge. #bullmarketforadvice

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