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Donald Trump 409K tweet
A screenshot of President Donald Trump original "How are your 409K's doing?" tweet before it was deleted.

Trump Asks: 'How Are Your 409K’s Doing?' and FinTwits Respond

The #FinTwit community had a field day when President Trump mistakenly tweeted about '409K' plans.

The financial services Twitter community had a lot of fun with one of President Trump’s latest tweets, where he said the stock market was at an all-time high and asked, “How are your 409K’s doing?” The president later realized his typo and deleted the original tweet. He posted a new tweet, correcting it to “401K’s.”

But the jokes poured in despite the correction. Here are some of the highlights:

Many folks pointed to Section 409 (k) of the tax code, which applies to withdrawals from tax credit employee stock ownership plans.

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