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401(k) Real Talk Episode 110: June 20, 2024

Open, honest and candid discussion about forfeiture lawsuits, hybrid TDFs with annuities, new hires at Cetera and Allianz Life and more.

Welcome to this week’s edition of 401(k) Real Talk, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for’s RPA channel, reviews all of last week’s industry news and selects the five most important/interesting stories.

  1. Wells Fargo 401(k) hit with forfeiture lawsuit
  2. Vanguard research touts value of hybrid TDFs with annuities
  3. Do 401(k) matches favor higher earners?
  4. Cetera and Allianz Life make key new hires
  5. A terrifying and brilliant future for 401(k) providers and advisors

Worth reading/listening to:

  1. State Street adds lifetime income twist to their TDFs
  2. Student loan programs taking hold
  3. Schlichter preps advisors for DOL fiduciary rule 
  4. Cerulli defines the current state of financial wellness programs


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