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The Top 10 Women-Owned RIAs of 2015

The women on's Top 50 Women RIAs list are more than just advisors, of course. They are entrepreneurs, owning at least 25 percent of some of the largest RIAs around the United States.

Methodology: REP.’s Top 25 Women-Owned RIAs list was assembled using data from SEC filings and Meridian-IQ (in which Penton Media has a stake). Advisors are ranked by their firm’s total assets under management. To land on the list, female advisors were required to directly own at least 25 percent of the firm. Additionally, these women have at least some individual clients for whom they do financial planning, and have no more than 50 percent institutional clients. Finally, none of the RIAs on our list operates a broker/dealer or a bank, or is affiliated with an investment company. 

Ownership Codes: C=25% but less than 50%; D=50% but less than 75%; E=75% or more

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