The Most 'Liked' Brokerage in the U.S.

The Most 'Liked' Brokerage in the U.S.

Check out which firms are the most (and least) popular on Facebook

If this were high school, Wells Fargo Advisors seems to be the most popular kid in town, at least if judged by the number of Facebook "likes" it has garnered since joining the site a little over a year ago. The firm has even surpassed the ever-popular Vanguard—a member since April 2009.

Wells Fargo is winning the online popularity contest by "focusing on building a strong community and adding value," says Chris X. Moloney, Wells Fargo's head of marketing.

On the flip side, wirehouse and regional brokerages are the cyber outcasts, if the "friends" metric counts for anything: Merrill Lynch scored the least, with a little over 300 likes.

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