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How to Create Sticky Micro-Content

Abandon the misconception that “clicks” to your website or landing page views are the only worthwhile social media KPI.

Attention spans are shrinking. This is why formats like Reels, Stories, and Shorts are becoming more and more popular. According to a study by Microsoft, people generally lose focus after 8 quick seconds.

This is why it’s important as a marketer to embrace micro-content, leveraging easy-to-consume graphics and videos to keep your audience engaged. In doing so, you’re playing into the hands of today’s digital consumer. They open their network of choice, scroll, react, then scroll some more. They’re not there for long-form content or to be redirected to another site.

Long-form content is still very important though, as it’s a great source of the micro-content we’re recommending. Your articles, podcasts and long-form videos are filled with useful information. One article could be broken down into two graphics, highlighting one notable statistic and one standout quote. One long-form video could be the source of several shorter video snippets.

When creating micro-content, start by examining your long-form content and looking for extractable moments.  Here’s a list of questions we use when developing content for our premium social content clients

  1. Are there any quotable moments?
  2. What statistics stand out?
  3. Are there audio or video clips that can stand alone?
  4. Are there any relevant graphics or models?
  5. Is there a key takeaway to highlight?
  6. Are there any bloopers?
  7. Is there a meme that conveys the core message?
  8. Is the headline enticing on its own?
  9. Can this be turned into a simple list or checklist?
  10. Is there a concise text blurb that can convey the core message?

Micro-content abandons the idea that “clicks” to your website or landing page views are the only worthwhile social media KPI. Instead, it focuses on consumption and top-of-mind awareness. If you’re constantly in their feed with high quality micro-content, they learn who you are and that you have good ideas. Next, they’ll consume your long-form content and soon they’ll see you as a great source for financial advice.

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