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Five Financial Advisor Marketing Activities You Must Master

Five Financial Advisor Marketing Activities You Must Master

Las Vegas: “I’d love to know what your research says about today’s elite financial advisors,” Jason remarked prior to my presentation, then specifically asked, “I’d love to know what marketing activities they use.”

With a big grin, I informed Jason to roll up his sleeves and be prepared to take notes, because I was about to share our 2014 Elite Advisor research with the audience.  Little did he realize that his question regarding financial advisor marketing activities was about to be answered with the same specificity in which he asked.

Before going any further, let me begin by sharing the affluent client acquisition results of these elite advisors.  On average, these financial advisors’ marketing activities resulted in $34 million in new assets, per advisor last year.  Their new clients averaged well over $1 million investable assets. 

In an attempt to share these findings in a manner that makes sense, I’ve segmented these financial advisors marketing activities into two groups.  One group is the marketing activities, in rank order, that led to acquiring new $1 million plus clients.  The second group are the marketing activities used most frequently by these financial advisors.  You will see the direct correlation.

Financial Advisor Marketing Activities

Success in $1 Million plus Acquisition

  1. Referral Alliances
  2. Personal Introductions
  3. Indirectly Generated Referrals (word-of-mouth)
  4. Networking
  5. Client Events

Each of these financial advisor marketing activities was directly responsible for being able to acquire new $1 million plus affluent clients.  Personal introductions and referral alliances were basically a statistical tie and are often one in the same as the referral alliance (CPA, attorney, etc.) will usually personally introduce their affluent client to the financial advisor to whom they’re referring.

Financial advisors who are attempting to model the marketing of this elite corps of advisors should take careful notice that these activities all involve getting out of the office and face-to-face with affluent opportunities.

Financial Advisor Marketing Activities

Most Frequently Used

  1. Personal Introductions
  2. Referral Alliances
  3. Networking
  4. Referrals
  5. Client Events

Certainly you’re not surprised at the correlation between “frequently used” and the marketing activities which these financial advisors attribute to their success.  Sales and marketing has always been a numbers game.   The more “at bats” a financial advisor takes, the more he or she increases the probability of success.  Sports analogies aside, the more active you are in executing the 5 financial advisor marketing activities, the more seamless and refined your affluent sales skills, and more successes will come your way.

Activity drives the dream; get active in executing these 5 financial advisor marketing activities and their mastery will be a major component of your success formula.    

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