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Charitable Giving

Six Ways Millennials Are Changing Charitable Giving

Digital innovation plays a key role.

Many people think of millennials as self-centered, selfie-snapping, uber-texting, Uber-riding narcissists. Even some millennials share this opinion. Johnny Oleksinski, a millennial himself, wrote in the New York Post:

This is my No. 1 rule: Do whatever millennials don’t. Definite no-no's include quitting a job or relationship the moment my mood drops from ecstatic to merely content; expecting the world to kowtow to my every childish whim; and assuming that I am always the most fascinating person in the room, hell, the zip code.

He sounds like he’s loads of fun to be around.

But is this true? Are millennials really the most selfish generation of all time? Are millennials only obsessed with the Kardashians and Snapchat?

Millennials care more about others than you might think. The 2015 Millennial Impact Report found that 84 percent of millennials made a charitable contribution in 2015.

The truth is, millennials do care about things other than themselves, and they’re willing to contribute to worthy causes. In fact, they’re changing the very face of nonprofit giving.

If you represent charities, and your clients are looking for ways to get millennials to donate to their causes, they need to know what motivates them, how they give and what types of causes they prefer. Once you know these things, your clients can tap into their substantial incomes.

Here are six ways in which millennials are changing the face of charitable giving.


*This article originally appeared on Business Connect’s website and has been republished with permission. It can be seen here.

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