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Jennifer Mastrud (left) and Scott Gill

Planswell Bulks Up C-Suite, Hires Former XYPN Directors

Canada-based financial planning developer Planswell added Jennifer Mastrud and Scott Gill to its executive team.

Financial planning software developer Planswell has drawn two former XY Planning Network staffers to its c-suite. Former XYPN Director of Marketing Jennifer Mastrud joined Planswell as Chief Marketing Officer, and former XYPN Director of Compliance Scott Gill is Planswell’s new Chief Compliance Officer, according to the firm. Both executives began working with Planswell in January.

Mastrud and Gill’s appointments were announced as part of a push to fill leadership positions as the Toronto-based company prepares to expand beyond the U.S. and Canada into Latin America and Asia. 

"Jen [Mastrud] has incredible experience building highly engaged advisor ecosystems in the U.S.," said CEO Eric Arnold.

She will be involved in implementing Planswell's expansion strategy, he explained. "We are very excited to start building out small groups that we can provide more personalized coaching for—and that can work together through peer-to-peer learning about best practices for serving new clients and building their businesses through Planswell."

Gill is "our guru for everything financial planning-related, as well as the regulatory environment," added Arnold. Gill's compliance experience should give advisors confidence to partner with Planswell, he said. 

"We want to make sure it's possible for every advisor in the U.S., who is looking to rapidly build their business, to be able to comfortably partner with Planswell and get that stamp of approval from their compliance department," Gill said. "So far, he's been working wonders."

Mastrud led marketing efforts at XYPN, writing blogposts and sitting for interviews and podcasts. Gill guided compliance efforts among XYPN members who provided monthly financial planning services. Both were at XYPN since 2016, joining two years after Alan Moore and Michael Kitces launched the organization. 

Joining Mastrud and Gill in Planswell’s C-suite are Trevor Oseen, as chief financial officer and Dean Khialani, as chief technology officer. Oseen is co-founder, COO and CFO of publishing technology startup Pocketale. Khialani is the former CTO of Nextlaw Labs. 

The executive team will be working across the U.S. and Canada, managing remote staff as equally dispersed, with workers located in the Philippines, Serbia, Turkey and Nigeria.

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