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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Fires Broker over Memoir Details

Morgan Stanley broker fired over memoir, the FPA launches a coaching corner and crypto bros love Lambos.

Morgan Stanley fired Craig Schmell last fall over the contents of his memoir published in September, which detailed drunken exploits and drug use before he joined the brokerage, according to the New York Post. Schmell said he was in contact with the Morgan Stanley before The Uninvited: How I Crashed My Way Into Finding Myself was published, and even though he agreed to extensive edits last summer, the bank panicked and fired him two weeks before the memoir came out. The former broker is now suing Morgan Stanley.

FPA Brings Practice Management Coaching to Members

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The Financial Planning Association has launched a new resource that brings together content, tools and insights from business coaches in the profession. The FPA Coaches Corner (FPA membership required) includes a library of business-building content from industry coaches specializing in different practice management areas: Stephanie Bogan of Educe will focus on the financial planner’s mindset; Todd Sakoda and John Carr of The Consortium will focus on compliance; Sarah Dale of Know No Bounds and Performance Insights will provide resources on team development, as will Krista Sheets of Paragon Resources and Performance Insights; Susan Kornegay of Pathfinder Strategic Solutions will help planners with messaging and marketing strategy; Brian Edelman of FCI will provide expertise on cybersecurity; and Mike Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting will cover business growth strategies.

When Lambo?

The latest trend among those holding cryptocurrencies is to measure your holdings in future Lamborghinis. According to the, there is a new website,, that will calculate a date in the future when cryptocurrency investors will be able to afford a Lamborghini based on their holdings. The site lists more than 60 cryptocurrencies. Investors just plug in the number of each and it spits out a date. For example, if you hold one bitcoin today, your When Lambo? date would be Sept. 30, 2031.

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