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Ten to Watch

Meet the Ten to Watch in 2023

These ten innovators and influencers are set to change the industry in 2023.

Times of crisis are an opportunity for new ideas to take hold. It’s not a given all the individuals on this list will radically change the industry, but each is contributing new tools and resources that may help financial advisors weather the storm and, hopefully, flourish when we come out on the other side.

Hopefully many of these names are new to you, but this is not an age-bound list, nor is it a list based on social media activity or popularity. Some of these individuals are seasoned in the industry, others not, but we think all bear watching in the coming years in that they represent trends and changes that will no doubt touch every advisor working today. Developed based on the staff of’s editorial coverage, internal conversations, reflections and discussions with others, it's purely subjective. Feel free to reach out to us with the individuals you think we should be watching.


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