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The Healthy Advisor

The Healthy Advisor: Life as a Quadriplegic With Anthony Zhang

In 2016, tech entrepreneur Anthony Zhang dived headfirst into a swimming pool, paralyzing him from the neck down. Now, he’s democratizing fine-wine investing for advisors and their clients.


A Note to Transparency Listeners: The podcast will now be known as “The Healthy Advisor” to give a clearer idea of what the podcast is about. “Transparency with Diana B.” was not quite as transparent a title as we thought.

With several business ideas and capital secured from investors such as Mark Cuban and Mark Burnett, Anthony Zhang had an impressive path toward a bright future. That is, until a terrible accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, changing his life forever. 

In this episode, Diana Britton, managing editor of, is joined by Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Vinovest, a platform aimed at democratizing access to investing in fine wine. Zhang shares his experience of being paralyzed from the neck down and how his accident impacted not only his business ventures but also his daily life.


Anthony Zhang with his wife McKenna and dog, Duke, at their wedding in October.

Anthony discusses: 

  • The three businesses he has built;
  • His experience pitching Mark Cuban and Mark Burnett;
  • The events that led to his accident;
  • What led him to continue to lead EnvoyNow, one of the companies he built, after his accident;
  • How his experience shaped the work he’s doing now with Vinovest; and
  • What got him through the really hard times, and the support system he has at home and at work.

If you have a struggle and wish to share your experiences and help others in similar situations, please reach out to Diana at [email protected].

The Healthy Advisor podcast is available on Apple PodcastsAndroidStitcherSpotify and wherever podcasts are found. 


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