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Advisors Need a Break Too. Here Are the Apps, Shows and Projects Advisors Are Engaged With in Self-Quarantine

From Netflix to raising pets, advisors are trying to strike a balance between working hard for their clients and finding time to refresh. Here are how some are coping.

There’s a silver lining to shutdowns and self-quarantining: You suddenly have time for things that you normally don’t. And even for advisors busier than ever handling client requests and communications, most are better at their jobs when they take some time to refresh. 

It’s been a few weeks since the White House advised employees to work from home, and nonessential businesses such as dine-in restaurants and gyms to close their doors. The novel coronavirus has yet to peak, and states are working around the clock to “flatten the curve” of its spread. But with limited medical provisions, a delayed response from the federal government and stubborn citizens, it looks like the country will be in self-quarantine for a few more weeks.

What are financial advisors doing to strike a balance between work and personal time? Between online streaming services, workout apps and their families, here is how some are spending their personal time.  

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