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Teen Hires Financial Advisor After Videogame Windfall

Is Twitch the new advisor niche?

Advisors know clients can come up with all sorts of interesting ways of making money, but one teenager is keeping his advisor raking in the assets by playing videogames. Griffin Spikoski, a 14-year-old living in Smithtown, N.Y., has already tallied nearly $200,000 playing Fortnite, leading his parents to create a corporation, Sceptic Gaming, Inc. and hire a financial advisor and an accountant, according to WABC.

The money his advisor will handle comes from subscribers and YouTube advertisers. Spikoski has reportedly made appearances for Samsung, PGA and the Miami Heat. Similar to the advice professional athletes often receive, and sometimes fail to heed, the earnings Spikoski is making are going into savings for college, a house, car—or in case his gaming career falls through. He got his big break when he beat a popular Fortnite gamer, uploaded the video to YouTube and walked away with a cool 7.5 million views.

"It's kind of like my job," Spikoski told WABC. His first paycheck was around $100 last June from Amazon's live streaming video platform, Twitch. His dad, Chris Spikoski, decided he needed an advisor after money continued coming in.

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