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Top 10 Medical Space Users

As the health care industry booms, so does interest in medical real estate. The Affordable Care Act, health care reform in general and other medical industry trends are spurring development of medical space, with an influx of interest and capital in the sector closely following the increase in patient numbers. Medical space is being both newly constructed and redeveloped across the country, within and nearby hospital campuses as well as in both downtown areas and suburbs, where retail spaces are often utilized. In fact, the interest in medical office buildings (MOBs) has risen so significantly that BOMA International reported nearly 1,000 attendees at its annual conference on the sector in 2014up from an average of 50 people in attendance at the group's first gatherings in the early 1990s.

We asked Revista Medical, a medical real estate research firm based in Annapolis, Md., how the MOB sector is faring. Our list of the top 10 users of medical office space as of the fourth quarter of 2013 has been drawn using data from the Revista Property Database as well as the Revista Top 50 Owners of Medical Real Estate report for year-end 2013. These figures include medical and hospital space that is owned or under construction, not leased.

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