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Poll: 15 Classic Books on Investing and the Markets readers recently chose the top books that helped them the most in their investment careers. Give these classics a read during your self-quarantine, if you haven't already. recently asked readers to nominate the investment book that most helped them in their investing careers. We suggested two criteria: 1) pick the one book that helped crystallize their own investment strategy and 2) the lessons of which are still relevant today. Over 250 nominations came in from many countries and every corner of the finance world. The titles included many of the most celebrated investment books, as well as titles that were new to us. The books on this list are here because each received multiple votes. The list starts with the book that received the most nominations. The readers have spoken. presents the 15 Best Investing Books of All Time. Don't agree? Add your suggestion in the comments below, or on Twitter @wealth_mgmt

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