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Eight Perspectives on Current Real Estate Investment Trends

WMRE talked to a number of real estate investment experts in the first two months of 2023 to get their takes on navigating a climate with higher interest rates and reduced sales volumes.

Rising interest rates and an uncertain macroeconomic climate have disrupted real estate investment sales volumes. Gaps remain between buyers, who want to acquire at 2023 prices, and sellers, who are still asking at 2022 valuations. That disconnect, along with more stringent lending conditions, have combined to lead to massive drops in the amount of properties changing hands. 

In the first two months of 2023 we have talked to a number of commercial real estate investment experts to get their takes on how they are responding to these conditions. They talked about how they are altering their approaches, what's happening in different property sectors and what they expect to take place for the balance of the year. 

Some of the topics covered including multifamily investment, seniors housing, the prospects for distressed investment, the state of the REIT market and tax considerations for high-net-worth investors. 


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