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The Inside ETFs Podcast

Inside ETFs Podcast: Shana Sissel on the Rise of Alternative Investments

The CEO of Banrion Capital Management discusses the importance of alts in portfolio planning.

In this episode, Informa Wealth Management’s Nabia Jenkins-Johnston is joined by Shana Sissel, founder, president and chief executive officer of Banríon Capital Management. Shana shares her insight on the importance of alternative investments, the evolution of asset allocation and the potential of interval funds. She also discusses how her media appearances and presence helps with connecting with advisors and clients. 

Nabia and Shana discuss: 

  • The importance of alternative investments in portfolio planning
  • How asset allocation has evolved
  • The impact of new investment strategies on the use of alternative investments
  • The importance of financial and investment education in the industry
  • And more


Connect with Nabia Jenkins-Johnston

Connect with Shana Sissel

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