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The WealthStack Podcast

The WealthStack Podcast: The Evolution of Financial Advisors as Risk Managers

Rick Bookstaber and Dr. Ashby Monk discuss the importance of understanding risk.


As more individuals enter and approach retirement, the role of a financial advisor is changing rapidly. An increasing number of clients need their advisors to act as “personal risk managers” and focus on downside protection and stability, vs. growth and outperformance. 

To learn more about this evolution, Mark Bruno, managing director of Wealth Management at Informa, is joined by Rick Bookstaber, co-founder and head of risk at Fabric, and Dr. Ashby Monk, executive and research director at Stanford University, to discuss the importance of understanding risk and the advisor’s role as risk manager for clients. 

Listen in as Mark, Rick and Dr. Ashby discuss:

  • The most prominent market, economic and planning risks in today’s environment
  • What financial advisors can learn from institutional investors about risk management
  • How advisors should balance long-term risks with short-term risks 
  • How risk management technology has evolved—specifically, the risk management tools and resources available to financial advisors.

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