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Trusts & Estates Mourns Douglas Moore

Trusts & Estates Mourns Douglas Moore


We were all saddened to learn of the death of our friend and colleague, Douglas Moore, on Feb. 11, 2015.

Doug was co-chair of our Estate Planning & Taxation committee. But, his title doesn’t do him justice. Doug was always the first to volunteer for any help we needed on the journal—whether it was to write an article, speak at an event, help plan a presentation or just listen to us as we bounced off ideas. He was our “go to” person whenever we needed help understanding an unfamiliar estate-planning concept. He had the unique ability to explain complex issues in plain English, in a calm, patient manner.

Doug also took enormous pride in the editorial process. We’d spend many conversations discussing the merits of a single punctuation mark or digging deep into a particular word choice. We’d laugh at how much time we put into every sentence of every paragraph. In the end, we always knew that if Doug finally signed off on a piece, it was flawless.

We also enjoyed socializing with Doug. We loved listening to stories about his weekend travels to Vermont with his wife and his visits to Maine. He always had great recommendations for rustic inns and restaurants. When one of us followed one of his restaurant suggestions, we knew he’d follow up to ask about what we ate and whether we agreed with his choice.

Above all, we enjoyed listening to him talk about his wife and son, of whom he was so proud. He beamed when he spoke of his son’s accomplishments, and he was thrilled to become a father in law when his son got married.

In so many ways, we will miss him.


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