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Ten Finance Lessons From Broadway Musicals

Behind the songs and dances, these musicals illustrate important financial concepts.

Financial management is a recurrent theme in Broadway musicals. We selected 10 musicals that illustrate such concepts as risk management, budgeting, hedging, goal setting, managing debt, dividend reinvestment and practice differentiation. These 10 songs from Broadway musicals past and present are a fun way to communicate what advisors do as they help clients meet their goals. For each financial concept, we give a short summary of the musical, describe the financial concept illustrated by the key song, quote a few lines from the lyrics and provide a link to the song for readers who want to hear more. We acknowledge Dr. Matt Rousu, Ph.D., professor of economics at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa., and his Broadway Economics website for many of the insights for this article. How many of these musicals do you know?

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