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LPL Takes Employees Back to 'Doom'

The independent broker/dealer decorated its San Diego office like 'Doom,' a first-person shooter game from the 1990s.

LPL Financial transformed its San Diego office into "Doom," a first-person shooter game that originated in the early 1990s, for Halloween. According to gaming site DualShockers, an entire floor was decorated to make workers feel they were part of the game, in which players have to fight their way through demons from Hell. 

A video on YouTube walks viewers through the office. It opens with a message from Dr. Samuel Hayden: “The Mars facility in charge of converting Hell Energy is compromised; Dr. Olivia Pierce has betrayed us. Her motives are unclear, but she has made an arrangement with the demons and opened a secondary Hell portal. She has forced my hand; I have awoken the Doom Slayer in an effort to contain the invasion.”

“Whoever organized this Doomed office had to be a fan of the game given how precise they are with the supplies that are scattered around–even adding in a Medikit, ammo and other items in the hall for effect,” DualShockers writes. “Apparently, this specific company does this on each floor of the building with a different theme every year–I doubt a lot of work gets done, but I’m sure it makes for happier employees and lifts the atmosphere too.”

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