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Strategic Partners owner and President Chris Lubbers

LPL Scoops Up 18-Advisor Team From Advisor Group

Parsons, Kan.–based Strategic Partners joins from Royal Alliance, an Advisor Group subsidiary, and aligns with LPL OSJ National Financial Alliance.

LPL Financial has recruited Strategic Partners, a Parsons, Kan.–based practice with 18 advisors and approximately $830 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets. The practice also has $600 million in fixed life insurance and annuity assets. The team joins from Royal Alliance, one of Advisor Group’s broker/dealers.

The Strategic Partners team has aligned with National Financial Alliance, a San Antonio, Texas–based office of supervisory jurisdiction of LPL. The firm was founded by owner and President Chris Lubbers, who was born and raised in Parsons, in 1994, while he was still attending college.

“Our advisors each have a unique specialty and niche, all focused on comprehensive financial planning, and our goal is to connect them with specialists to help elevate their services,” Lubbers said in a statement. “That includes our advanced planning division, a 401(k) team and our own insurance resources, as well as those from our new partners at National Financial Alliance and LPL.”

Lubbers said he and his firm were attracted to LPL and NFA for their technology, operational efficiencies and growth opportunities.

“I’m all about efficiency and that’s where LPL shines,” he said. “The firm has invested heavily in its technology platform, creating efficient processes and enhanced solutions that will help our advisors provide better services. Clients will have easier access to reporting and account information, all in one place to give them a deeper understanding of their financial picture.”

He also said the move will help his firm recruit more advisors.

LPL recently announced that an Orland, Park, Ill.–based advisory team with about $285 million in client assets joined Financial Resources Group Investment Services, a branch office of LPL in Fort Mill, S.C., that works with about 800 advisors and 85 banks and credit unions across the country. The team, which has rebranded as Harbor Lighthouse Wealth Management, represented the first large win for Financial Resources Group since LPL announced plans to buy the branch office in November. That deal will mark the first time LPL has purchased one of its own branches.

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