Capital Relay Unveils Network Linking Brokers/Lenders

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OVERLAND PARK, KS (September 5, 2012) --- Capital Relay, LLC, has developed a proprietary software network designed to effortlessly connect finance brokers and lenders across the country.  The CR Network already has several hundred broker and lender members.

 “I am confident that this new Capital Relay Network will be a game-changer in the equipment financing industry,” says Mike Ellis, Capital Relay president.  “Over the years, we have seen both brokers and lenders waste valuable time and effort trying to unsuccessfully put deals together.

“Our network makes the entire process more efficient and effective,” he adds.

Because Capital Relay has already connected several hundred lenders to the system they have identified lenders for every type of equipment financing request in every part of the country.  The Network enables brokers to submit their deals on-line, to a number of lenders instantaneously, while maintaining control over the entire process.  Furthermore, the system allows brokers access to their deals 24/7 on a real-time basis.

“Our broker customers now have the entire world of potential lenders at their fingertips,” says Spring Wittmeier, Capital Relay chief operating officer.  “Through our online portal, our customers can enter new financing requests, manage the credit file and communicate directly with the lenders, thereby reducing time and wasted effort trying to identify the proper lender for each transaction.”

Capital Relay’s goal is to allow the broker to spend more time getting additional financing opportunities and less time trying to figure out where to send those deals and managing paperwork.  

Once a deal is entered into the system, customers will be able to utilize Capital Relay’s more than 40 years experience in the industry. 

“We are fully capable of serving all of our brokers’ back office needs.  Our staff can help brokers and lenders gather required documentation, negotiate proposals and close deals,” says Patti Ayers, Capital Relay’s Vice President of quality assurance.  “All of these services are offered at no cost to brokers or lenders until a deal is closed.”

The CR Network captures specific financing criteria for each lender such as deal size, customer location, equipment type and credit profile, etc.  Then the system electronically routes the appropriate transactions directly to the potential lender based on the individual lender’s credit criteria.  Lenders who are part of the Capital Relay Network will automatically receive potentially hundreds of deals that fit their specific financing criteria, and they can effortlessly offer a proposal that will in turn be routed directly to the originating source.

      “Our experience tells us that lenders spend tremendous efforts soliciting deals from brokers, and in doing so, they receive hundreds of deal that do not fit their lending criteria,” says Wittmeier.  “As a result, with our new system, the lenders will only receive those deals that fit their lending criteria, thereby saving time, energy and money.”

   “There is no other company today that can effortlessly link brokers and lenders,” adds Ellis.

   The new on-line network can be accessed at ( 


Founded in 2009, Capital Relay’s partners bring more than four decades of experience to the financing arena.  Their vision is to connect the demand and supply side of the equipment finance market in an efficient, timely and economically beneficial manner.

Capital Relay LLC, 12900 Metcalf Ave., Suite 150, Overland Park, KS 66213 (913) 749-1200.

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