2013 Thought Leadership Survey

Advisor Use Of ETPs—And Lessons From The Trenches

Table of Contents


General Information
Firm type
Primary job function
Percentage of advisors that employ ETPs in their client portfolios

Current Users Of ETPS
Types of ETPs most frequently used
Brands of ETPs most frequently employed
Percentage of clients that use ETPs
Percentage of total client assets committed to ETPs
Use of ETPs as trading vehicles vs. long-term buy-and-hold strategy
Vehicles that might replace ETPs in client portfolios
Purposes most often cited for employing ETPs
Ranking ETP attributes for achieving business goals and client objectives
Ranking ETP attributes for evaluating competing ETPs
How advisors educate themselves about ETPs
What ETP companies can do to make life easier for advisors

Non-users Of ETPs Number of clients
Reasons some advisors don't currently use ETPs
Past experience with ETPs
Likelihood of using ETPs in the future

Advisor Involvement With Funds
Number of funds being used
Influential factors when considering ETPs

Educating Clients About ETPs
How advisors educate clients
Challenges communicating risks/opportunities
Satisfaction with ETPs among advisors and clients
Difficult situations encountered with client use of ETPs

ETP Volatility
Experience with ETPs being shut down by sponsors:
Investment vehicles advisors would use to replace ETPs

Business Outlook
Expectations for U.S. economy
How advisors plan to grow their business in 2013

Demographics Of Respondents
Years of experience
Number of clients
Team member vs. working independently
Assets under management

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