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The Warehouse Markets with the Most Rent Momentum

The industrial sector's strong run chugs along. Here's a look at the markets where rents are likely to grow the most.

In a recent real estate market report, UBS dived into the industrial sector, examining its momentum and trends in fundamentals.

Within the report, UBS highlighted three key metrics for the top 63 MSAs in the US: occupancy, rent per occupied and growth in rent per occupied square foot minus growth in rent per square foot.

"Those MSAs that have a higher growth in rent per occupied square foot as opposed to just rent are experiencing greater momentum as compared to other MSAs. The list is sorted by those MSAs that have the highest cumulative growth in rent per occupied square foot less growth in rent per square foot between 2012 and 1H 2018," according to the report.

In the following gallery, we take a look at the top markets as determined by these measures. 

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