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Top 10 Most Influential IBDs on Social Media

Some would argue independent broker/dealers have been slow to adopt social media. Compliance, perhaps, has been their biggest hurdle. But if these firms are any indication, the IBD world is catching up. And as consumers increasingly turn to social media to shape their perception of a company or brand, advisors should be aware of their firm’s social media footprint. With numbers adjusted for the size of the firm and weighted, here are the top 10 most influential IBDs in social media.

For a complete list of the largest IBDs ranked by their social media footprint, click here.


Methodology: Each firm’s ranking was calculated by aggregating a snapshot of LinkedIn followers, a firm’s actively produced and maintained Facebook ‘likes,’ as well as Twitter influence and outreach levels as measured by the social media monitoring company Kred, all as of March 3. Facebook and LinkedIn scores were adjusted by the firm’s advisor headcount, sourced from Cerulli Associates. Firms without an official presence in any given social media channel were given a score of zero in that category. Scores were standardized and weighted equally across the social media channels, then ranked.

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