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Personal Capital Helping NBA Players Make It Rain

NBA players are using Personal Capital, LPL opens new sustainable campus and Hearsay Social enhances its compliance programs.

In a new partnership with the NBA, Personal Capital is bringing financial advice to the smartphones of the young, wealthy stars of professional basketball. Using Personal Capital’s app, players can track their spending and NBA-provided benefits, monitor their investments and fees, view their net worth and build a financial plan. A team of advisors is available via the phone or digital chat if a player would like a financial consultation. The NBA Player Association paid Personal Capital’s one-time fee, meaning the services are free for the players. “Our tool meets the players where they are: on their phones,” Mark Goines, Personal Capital’s chief marketing officer, told MarketWatch. “What we won’t do is manage assets for players. We offer unbiased advice to them.”

LPL Opens New Sustainable Campus

LPL Financial opened a new 27-acre office complex in Fort Mill, S.C. Wednesday. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to the UN, attended the opening of the campus, which includes 450,000 square feet of office space designed with sustainability in mind. For example, a cistern collects 18 million gallons of rainwater per year; only 8 million gallons are needed to operate the campus’s plumbing, cooling and irrigation systems. It also includes 100 preferred parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles and 12 EV charge stations. The interior carpet was made from 4,900 miles of fishing net retrieved from the ocean. The campus also promotes employee well-being, LPL says, through its glass stairways, two miles of walking trails and boardwalk with open-air lounge spaces and WiFi access. Are they hiring?

Hearsay Social Upgrades Compliance Tools

Hearsay Social is closing out the month of November with several enhancements to its compliance program that the San Francisco-based company says will make it easier and faster for supervision teams to manage their workflow, complete tasks and communicate with advisors. Using predictive analytics, Hearsay can now identify which issues are likely to be of highest risk to help supervisors prioritize them first. Supervisors can now sample a percentage of content based on its type (links, photos, text, etc.) to decrease costs and effort, and use new filters to improve searches. Hearsay also improved the experience for advisors, reducing the effort needed to approve profiles down to two clicks, and only one click to accept suggested content changes. Hearsay can also now update advisors via email on the status of their review or any actions they need to take.

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